Thursday, December 8, 2016

Does Terrorism Have a History? 

Task:  You will study history & and types of terrorism.  Then you will write a paragraph answering the essential question of the lesson followed by reacting to other student's work.

10 points - paragraph answering essential question
 5 points - listing a relevant website
15 points - reacting to two fellow students work
= 30 points

Due Date:  Tuesday 5 pm

Goal:  Understand the history of Terrorism

How to Youtube Video

In this lesson, you will study the lesson I teach on the types of terrorism.  Go to the google drive and look at the power point, also watch the corresponding videos.  Feel free to find additional information on the web. 

You can find the link here:

Google Drive Class Materials on Terrorism

  1. There are different types of terrorism.  My hope is you will understand the different types.  I am trying to organize a complex topic, but in this lesson I want you to think about terrorism as organized into these types:
  • People terrorizing the government
  • National Terror Groups
  • International Terror Groups
  • State Sponsored Terrorism
  • Terror By the State Against It's Own People
  • Modern Terror 
     2.  After studying the PowerPoint, watching the videos, and researching on the web.  Write a
          paragraph or more answering the essential question of the lesson:  
What are the types and history of terrorism and how has terrorism evolved over time?  
Post your answer by commenting in this blog.  Also, you need to post a useful website (or more) that will help your fellow classmates.  No inappropriate sites (This means no beheading videos, no pro terrorism sites,- you need to find informative educational sites from reliable, reputable sources).
      3.  Read other's posts and react to two other posts by your classmates.  I've linked a google doc which will allow you to view expectations for posting your blog responses here:  

 Expectations for Blogging

Have fun and let me know what I can do to help!

Mr. Del Priore

Friday, April 22, 2016

Bill Clinton.....Moment in History or Is He History?

Introduction:  Yesterday, you were able to view our 42nd President.  He was 'stumping' for his wife, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.  Was this a once in a lifetime learning event?  If so, what did you learn from this?

Task:  Write a 5 sentence paragraph reacting to yesterday's experience.  Focus on the political aspect rather than issues like the heat or time waiting (although they could be minor aspects of a larger picture). 

 Some ideas for what to write about include:
-What you heard (his ideas - what were his ideas and what did you think of his ideas?)
-How he said it (how did he say what he said and how did it come off to you? )
-What you think about what you heard
-The crowd (who were they race, dress, etc..)
-The staff (age, race, etc...of Clinton's support staff)

10 points - paragraph answering essential question
5 points - reacting to two fellow students work
= 15 points

Blogging Expectations

Monday, February 29, 2016

Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution

Full Definition of vanguard
  1. 1 :  the troops moving at the head of an army
  2. 2 :  the forefront of an action or movement
van·guard·ism play \-ˌgär-ˌdi-zəm\ noun
van·guard·ist play \-dist\ noun
After years of non-violent protests, some in the civil rights movement felt that change was not real nor was it happening at a rate commensurate with the effort put in.  Therefore, Huey Newton and others started the Black Panther Movement.  This movement considered threats, fear, intimidation and violence to reach their goals.
Assignment:  Watch 60 minutes or more of the documentary titled Black Panthers:Vanguard of the Revolution
After watching, blog about your summary and reaction (considering the following question.  And, respond thoughtfully to two other's blog posts.

10 points - Thorough, thoughtful reaction in a 3-5 sentences (or more) paragarph
10 points - Thorough, thoughtful response to the posts of others (5 points for each)
Consider the following question to guide your post but also feel free to add your thoughtful reactions based on what you see in the documentary.

Where the Black Panthers Terrorists or Revolutionaries?  What about the Government and the way they responded?  Was the government's response appropriate or inappropriate?

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Freedom Riders....Who Were They and Why Do They Matter?

Today's Documentary showed us a powerful movement that forced change.  What is the role in the lives of the citizen when there is a lack of justice in our society?  That is the question you are charged with.  
Your assignment is to watch the film and write a paragraph about the following and post this paragraph in the box below.  Also you must respond to two other people's post. 

What is the role of the citizen when there is a lack of justice in our society, and how do you feel the Freedom Riders have helped you (or have not helped) you understand this role?


Blogging expectations

Grading:  10 points for a thoughful paragraph answering our question
                10 points for responding to two other posts in a thoughtful manner (5x2 =10).