Friday, April 22, 2016

Bill Clinton.....Moment in History or Is He History?

Introduction:  Yesterday, you were able to view our 42nd President.  He was 'stumping' for his wife, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.  Was this a once in a lifetime learning event?  If so, what did you learn from this?

Task:  Write a 5 sentence paragraph reacting to yesterday's experience.  Focus on the political aspect rather than issues like the heat or time waiting (although they could be minor aspects of a larger picture). 

 Some ideas for what to write about include:
-What you heard (his ideas - what were his ideas and what did you think of his ideas?)
-How he said it (how did he say what he said and how did it come off to you? )
-What you think about what you heard
-The crowd (who were they race, dress, etc..)
-The staff (age, race, etc...of Clinton's support staff)

10 points - paragraph answering essential question
5 points - reacting to two fellow students work
= 15 points

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